Kyle New  -  President / Owner / Co-Founder

Kyle's background is in digital media and technology. As a successful business owner in the field, he had a vision to combine his technology expertise with long time friend Preston Howell's expertise in the power/utility industry. The two got together, started sharing ideas...and here we are. 

Kyle was raised in small town Alachua, FL. He spent a few years in the Navy Reserves before hitting the work force. After a few years, and a successful business ownership he decided to go back to college. Along with technology and digital media, he has a very strong passion for music. He has released several songs, as well as an EP as a solo country music artist. Kyle identifies his faith as the most influential part of his life. Serving the lord and serving others is his greatest passion in life, and a relationship he holds very close to his heart. As he continues to grow, he attributes his personal growth to those closest to him, stating that you truly are a product of your surroundings.

Preston Howell  -  Vice President / Owner / Co-Founder

Preston started his career on a line crew in Alachua, Fl. He started as a grunt and worked his way up the ranks to lead lineman. He has always loved his career in the power line industry and has always done every thing he could do to learn as much as he could about all aspects of the trade. He became proficient at being a safe and productive distribution lineman. He also took interest in other parts of the industry such as wiring ct's and ct cans and programming three phase meters. Preston has designed and obtained a patent on a drill powered hoist specifically for the line work industry. He also has an AA degree from Florida Gateway College were he studied pre-engineering and small business management. He is currently the Florida training and safety specialist for ECG ( Electric Cities of Georgia) where he trains line work apprentices and holds safety meetings with 13 cities all across the state of Florida from Key West to Jacksonville.


Preston has been married to Katie Howell since 2005 and has two boys (Tate and Tibbs). He is proud to be a member of several different christian organizations and attributes all his success to God's grace. 

Daniel Grant  -  Aerospace Engineer / Software Developer / Owner

Daniel's background is well versed in unmanned systems and robotic platforms. In 2011, Daniel graduated from the University of Florida, having earned his Masters and Ph.D. degrees in mechanical and aerospace engineering , specializing in flight dynamics and controls of micro unmanned aerial platforms. From there, Daniel went on to work for various private and military contracting firms as an unmanned systems engineer, where he helped developed everything from unmanned targeting systems to automated drilling platforms. Recently, Daniel was invited to join the brotherhood at HPS to help bring the power industry into the future.

In addition to Daniel's interest in unmanned systems and robotics, Daniel is an avid outdoorsman who enjoys nature on Saturdays and serving at church on Sundays. Daniel's main focus however, is his primary source of support and enjoyment, his family, friends, loving wife and children.