In years past, power line inspections involved a time consuming process that did not provide detailed information. A basic visual diagnosis with a hand written report was the industry standard.....

Not anymore!

We continue to combine the latest advancements in technology with our decades of experience, to give you the most detailed report of your infrastructure.

We cover your poles, insulators, switches, transformers and connections from every angle. Our goal is to provide you with more information, so we can provide you with better solutions. Integrating our mapping, aerial inspections, infrared and pole integrity (butt inspections) everything you need to know is only a click away. These are just some of the revolutionary solutions we have brought to the industry.

With over 20 years of experience in the power/utility industry, we focused the foundation of our business here. Other companies can fly, take photos/videos and deliver them to you. At HPS, before pilots fly transmission or distribution lines, they undergo training in the field. Having a thorough understanding of how your infrastructure works, along with an expert in the field, is essential to providing the accurate results that have helped us grow into the position we are in today.

Having a journeyman lineman with 12 years experience, and an aerospace engineer work together, we were able to create a first of its kind software for our inspection process. Helping identify even the smallest deficiencies in your system now, can help you schedule regular maintenance before you run into problems down the road. 

Here is a preview of what you may not be able to see from a normal inspection. From the ground level the pole appears to be standing pretty straight. An aerial shot clearly shows the twist and bow that the pressure of all the lines are putting on the pole. As you can see the stress has created sizable cracks in the pole causing it to lose strength and integrity. Being able to identify this issue could be the difference in a pole change out being ordered, versus losing power for hours.

Our pilots are trained to identify issues in the field as they are flying, but we understand that some things may go unnoticed. Our custom designed software runs in real time to help identify deficiencies in the system. Being able to detect even the smallest thing helps our pilots capture high resolution photos for our engineers to examine. Don't let the smallest issues, become big issues down the road.

Wooden Pole Bow.jpg

Pole integrity inspections are a requirement in every state. With the new technology coming out, power pole companies are beginning to have strict limitations on their warranties. Exposing the base of the pole (excavating) to the elements, and treating it with chemicals has proven to be an ineffective method to treating power poles. Independent research is beginning to dispute the common conception that treating power poles can increase their integrity, therefore increasing their lifespan.

Our IML drill helps give you a very thorough analysis on the integrity of your pole. We use our own parameters to test on a "Pass / Fail" basis. If you decide you want more strict, or more lenient parameters, we can set you up in a matter of seconds.

With so much riding on your structures integrity, why run the risk of treating and compromising your power pole?