In today’s world of power shortages, increasing demand and the energy efficiency debate, how the electricity network is run right through from the power station to switch on the wall is becoming ever more important. Power companies are now realizing that the substation can play a big a part in ensuring the power station meets all modern desires.

For years the substation has been overlooked, as old technology and insufficient metering control still seemed to cause problems. But now power companies are starting to pay more attention to potential changes that will drive efficiencies to these once neglected parts of power distribution: isolating faults, updating switchgear, monitoring and controlling substations and using automation, all while maintaining a strong level of security and safety.


Mapping out your substation can help you create a better inventory, as well as have a 3D model online. We use high resolution cameras, aerial infrared, LiDAR and photogrammetry to recreate to scale models of your substation grids.