We understand how devastating the aftermath from a natural disaster can be. You have homes and businesses without power, lives devastated and mayhem...all of which unfortunately means the meters are not turning. In times like these being prepared and well-informed can save you millions of dollars. We are experts in both!

Our company is based out of Florida, so hurricanes are almost expected on a year to year basis. We have learned how to prepare, and how to efficiently deliver results. We don't just aimlessly fly around taking pictures and shooting video of how bad the damage is, we scout your entire grid...sometimes in a day or two.

We are able to run lines and scout your system in a fraction of the time that you are used to. We identify what you need to get back up and running, all delivered in a report you can turn over to your foreman. Their ability to be prepared will lead to your ability to get the lights back on sooner!

We keep all information so that you get reimbursed from FEMA, including doing post construction flights to show all the work you completed. All pilots are certified in all fields FEMA requires for natural disaster relief.


Hurricane Michael was the worst disaster we have been a part of. The stress that it causes both utility companies as well as residents and business owners was heartbreaking. We were able to provide a detailed analysis of each distribution line feeding from the five substations for Florida Public Utility in Marianna, FL. Aerial coverage combined with our software that identifies all structural issues delivered a report every morning to those in charge. They were able to use this information to develop efficient plans for each ground crew working to restore power.


We also worked first responder flights in Albany, GA. Working with the City to identify all of the issues, as well as providing FEMA approved media helped ensure they were back up and running within a few days!